Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”Do you supply other related roofing materials apart from roof covering materials and fasteners?” state=”open”]Yes we do. We supply top grade quality lumber, including ply. We also represent a leading manufacturer of skylight systems. If we do not carry the items you need please ask us about it we may be able to source them. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you install” state=”closed”] Quality Dealers can undertake installation under special circumstances. Typically however, we have a panel of Certified Roofing Contractors from which you can select. These Contractors are well equipped, and are able to carry out installation of all of our products in a professional manner and offer their warranty on labour.

Although in the latter scenario Quality Dealers will not be responsible for the installation of the roofing solution, we will, without prejudice, intervene if there is an issue with our customers and Contractors on our Panel.

You may also choose to appoint your private contractor, and should a problem arise, we will intervene in the interest of our products and customers. We will offer guidance without any charges. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can you do custom colours?” state=”closed”]Yes we can, but only for a large scope of work. Please feel free to discuss any special needs you may have with us. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”What kind of technical support do you offer?” state=”closed”] We have two fully qualified architects on staff, with a team of roofing consultants who offer, without charge (conditions apply) assistance in designing your roof and any other technical assistance you might require.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you offer your services island wide?” state=”closed”]We have six branches island wide – Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Junction, Mandeville, May Pen and Montego Bay. Our Head Office is located in Kingston. Wherever you are located in Jamaica, you may contact the branch of your choice. All of our branches have all of our roofing solutions readily available. Please see our contact us page for more information. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you have payment terms?” state=”closed”]Under normal circumstances we do not however depending on the project scope and the company involved Quality Dealers may at their discretion offer credit terms. In all other cases we can provide you with a detailed estimate summary that will be honoured at any bank or building society. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”What warranty is offered on your roofing products?” state=”closed”]Except for Clay Tiles, Wood Shingles and Water Proofing Membrane, all other roofing products carry a 50-year transferable Warranty. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you deliver island wide?” state=”closed”]Yes. Depending on the quantity we may deliver either directly from the branches or from our Head Office. Delivery charges are calculated at a rate from the point of departure to your location. However, you may opt to provide your own transportation and collect the materials from the branch from which you made the purchase. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Apart from the roofing options you carry, can you source and import other roofing materials?” state=”closed”]Yes, we are always willing to help meet your needs. Please call us with your requests. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”What else do you offer apart from roofing?” state=”closed”]We also carry a large stock of acoustic ceiling and accessories, track and stud (manufactured in Jamaica) and drywall and drywall system accessories for ceiling and partitions. Quality Dealers also available is a wide range of interior and exterior paints, standard and custom colours, as well as a wide range of quality ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. Developers, hardware and drywall contractors enjoy special quality prices. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do you offer package prices?” state=”closed”]Yes we do, volume purchases that include product groups that we supply; Roofing, Ceiling and Flooring. A special package price would always be considered. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Can all your Roofing options be applied to any slope?” state=”closed”]No, our Technical Team will visit to inspect and recommend what is most suitable. If the slope is not ideal for the roofing that you wish to use, then we would recommend increasing the slope by reconstructing the roof structure to suit your needs. The contractors on our panel are very experienced in carrying out jobs like these. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”What are the requirements to have an estimate done on my roof?” state=”closed”]You can select the branch nearest to you and make a call and one of our technical representatives will visit your site and will evaluate the building and prepare a bid estimate.

Or if you can provide the measurements for the building you can submit it to the one of our offices and they will provide a bid estimate. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”If I live overseas and need to pay for my roofing how do I go about doing this?” state=”closed”]We will provide you with our banking information and payments can be done through wire transfer, or we will also accept credit card payments. Contact us via email and we will work with you to arrange the transaction. [/toggle]