Waterproofing Membrane

Benefits of Investment

  • Offers a quick and easy-to-apply solution for maximum productivity.
  • Special membrane-to-membrane adhesion provides additional overlap security.
  • Uniformed thickness.
  • Can be coated with paint for colour enhancement.
  • Excellent stability at high and low temperatures.
  • Superior tear and impact resistance, excellent elasticity to temperature changes


Waterproofing Membrane is a flexible, versatile, dependable solution for protection against damaging moisture migration and the permeation of free water.

It is composed of a nominally 56 mil thick layer of polymeric waterproofing membrane carrier film with an effective cover of 90sq.ft. that is applied with polymer bitumen flame.

All components of this roll-type waterproofing solution work together to provide a cost-effective coverage that’s quick and easy to apply with longterm protection. 34 WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE


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