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Stone Coated Tiles

modena barrel tile
Modena Barrel profile - This profile is our newest option to our range of metal stone coated tiles. A gorgeous design that produces an efficient and sturdy lightweight roofing system. This roofing is excellent by its shape and design;it enhances the classic beauty of stone-coated tiles with traditional Spanish /Italian architectural details. It can improve the look of your new house or existing roof instantly while capturing the creativity and functionality of modern roofing requirement. 

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Norbrook Shake Tile
Norbrook Shake profile -  This stone-coated profile is the ideal roof.  It offers the distinctive beauty and richness of Cedar wood shingles or shake but without the negatives; while providing the durability,  longevity and fire resistance of stone coated steel. This superior product is available in a diverse range of colours guaranteed to compliment any colour scheme; from driftwood to chestnut to weather timber, these hues will enhance your roof for years to come. Norbrook Shake is pressure formed zinc/aluminum alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish. The stone coating resists fading and UV penetration. Shake tiles are the preferred choice of professionals in sustainable roofing restoration projects.

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QD Classic Tile
QD Classic profile - Adapted from the concept of the original stone coated steel roofing technology which have been proven around the world for over 75 years. Distinctively elegant, classical and contemporary. QD Classic embodies the ultimate combination of technology and natural beauty for a lifetime of trouble free protection. Offering the beauty and style of Mediterranean tile and the lightweight components of stone coated steel. A QD Classic roof adds a unique elegance to your home with a long-standing reputation for performance, longevity and versatility. QD Classic tile is an ideal alternative to traditional metal tile products. The tile is pressure formed zinc/aluminum alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish while the stone coating resists fading and UV penetration.

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