Why Quality Dealers?

Impeccable management and customer service are the hallmark of the Quality Dealers Roofing division. We employ over 50 technical personnel and we are presently completing our new showroom and sales facilities. QD has invested US$ Millions in its a large manufacturing facility committed to producing high quality roofing products manufactured right here in Jamaica.

Quality Dealers…

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Have Over 42 Years of Experience in roofing in Jamaica

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Always leads the market in innovative roofing solutions. QD are the pioneers of Metal Roofing tile systems in Jamaica the 70’s and 80’s and also more recently Introduced Jamaica to superior Standing Seam Roofing Systems.

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Is the roofing company of today, moving with the times and into the future backed by experience, technology and quality products.

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Have a manufacturing plant of approximately 30,000 sq.ft., (floor area) for over 28 years with millions of dollars of equipment manufacturing Metal tiles, Continuous Industrial Sheeting, Zinc Sheeting, Track & Stud and Standing Seam Roofing. QD proudly commissioned Jamaica’s first stone coated roofing manufacturing facility, in late 2012 producing at international standards for use in the local/domestic and export markets.

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Supply and support a wide variety of imported roofing products from Clay Tile Roofing, Wood Shingles and Water Proofing Membrane.

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Provides Island Wide service and support through our six conveniently located branches.

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Have a reference pool of qualified architects, draftsmen and certified roofing contractors for customers to access.

[dropcap3]✔[/dropcap3] Maintains an enviable portfolio of thousands of projects – residential, industrial and commercial. Such as Bloody Bay Hotel, Swept Away Hotel, Half Moon Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Rhyne Park, Gore Houses, Casistas Housing Complex, Catherine Hall Sports Complex, Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited, Courts Jamaica Limited, Scotiabank at King Street and more recently, UCWI Regional Headquarters and 22 Freeport and thousands of others too numerous to mention.


Warranty Options

QD Roofing has recently launched the most comprehensive, detailed warranty available in the roofing industry today. Together with our manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers great warranty.

If you have any additional questions on warranties with QD Roofing and/or one of our manufacturers, please Contact Us and we’ll do the best we can to help you.